Let’s Be Active! (Aug 31, 2015)

Let’s Be Active

Promoting increased involvement within one’s family or community.

           What does community mean to you?  For some, community is the place in which they live.  This could be their neighborhood, their school district, their town, their region, or their country.  For others, community is the group in which they are a member.  This could be in a family, in a school setting, in a work-place setting, such as a group, department, or organization.  Some community memberships are chosen voluntarily, whereas some communities are assigned.  For some people though, community is focused in a place of worship or at a club, based upon their interests.  

However, community can also mean the sense of belonging one has or is a part of.  Whatever community means to each of us, it is often an affiliation that results from a choice or several choices that we have made.  This means that it is usually modifiable.  Life is flexible and adaptable to what we choose to make of it.  Therefore, community is a relative term that differs for each of us.  For some people, time is the one of the only factors that contributes to their community change.  For others, there are other factors that have influenced their community, such as relocations, relationship or job changes, and life altering events.  

When we have community, we have a support network that we can ask for help.  In today’s ever changing and fast-paced world, we could all use some help.  Next time you need help, consider what you could do if you had more help from a membership that you are affiliated with.  Then think of what you would do if you did not have the community memberships that you have.  There are many others who would welcome you into their community and reciprocate your generosity and support.  Promoting a stronger community provides added support for so many more people.  We could all use some help some time, don’t you think?  Who else could you offer support to? 

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Let’s Socialize! (Aug 25, 2015)

Let’s Socialize

Promoting the benefits of social networking and healthy relationships.

            Too many times our interactions with others do not promote the results that we desire.  Focusing on the differences, rather than the commonalities that we share with others, ends up causing negative results.  The video attached below is an example of this.  What a different social network we would all have if each of us centered our focus on the commonalities we share with others, rather than our differences.  When we seek to find common ground, we find connections.  Our connectedness is often found in our pursuits and goals, whereas other times simply in our methods.  It is true that there are many ways of doing things.  However, when we share our ideas and experiences, we can increase our awareness of circumstances, discover a larger range of options, and be offered efficient, cost-effective, timely, and qualitative potential outcomes ahead of time.  Wouldn’t that be nice, huh?  Social networking at it’s best leads to endless discoveries within relationships fostered upon common ground.  


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Let’s Think Deeply! (Aug 21, 2015)

Let’s Think Deeply

Promoting exchange of inspiring, motivating, and empowering ideas.

            Are you happy with what you are doing with your life?  Sometimes we consider what is convenient and comfortable over what we really want to be doing.  Each one of us has something to offer.  We have skills and motivation that may not be used.  We have experience and knowledge that goes untapped.  We have passionate drive that has not been unleashed.  We can lose ourselves in the business of life if we do not choose to think about what we really like to do and what we really want out of each day.  What is your center?  Have you thought about that recently?  Do you periodically and purposefully evaluate your own individualized plan?  If you haven’t consciously thought about this in awhile, do you find that your focus has shifted to the plans of others over yours?  

For some of us, we have interests or abilities that we search for areas to use our talents productively.  For some of us, we are born with gifts that are meant to be shared.  We might be good with children or people, with numbers or money, with writing or creating, with organizing or leading.   Whatever each of us has to offer, it is our responsibility to actively choose to do what makes us happy, fulfills our passion, and motivates us to yearn for the next day.  What does tomorrow hold for you?  


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Let’s Eat Well! (Aug 14, 2015)

Let’s Eat Well

Promoting healthy dietary choices.

           With so many healthy food options out there and so much information on the benefits of healthy eating, why not consider learning a new healthy food fact every day?  When it comes to our other activities, we are constantly learning.  What work each of us does requires that we learn from each day to the next.  Relationships require that we learn from the past.  Why not apply the same concept to making healthy food choices every day?  Whether it is at the food market, at the grocery store, in our garden, in our kitchen, or online during our leisure time, I challenge everyone to learn about healthy food choices.  What beneficial nutritional experiences have you tried?  What has worked in the past to promote healthy eating?  What are you doing now that is healthy?  What are you planning for today, tomorrow, & for your future healthy nutrition plans?  If we all spent as much time preparing our food choices with the intent of achieving healthy results, what a difference all our lives would be.  

I love pictures like the one attached below.  I find it helpful to review the benefits of vegetables and fruits, before grocery shopping or preparing the next meal.  For my family and I, this seems to lead to more salads and fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet for the next meal and sometimes several days in a row.  With so many different options, combinations, recipes, and preparations, there must be a way for each one of us to find healthy foods that we can have fun finding, making, preparing, serving, & sharing.  

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Let’s Get Moving! (Aug 11, 2015)

Let’s Get Moving

Promoting increased physical exercise.

           We all benefit from increasing our daily physical exercise.  Exercise improves our metabolism, our mood, our spirit, and our connectedness to the environment.  Of course, exercise helps us to maintain a healthy weight, too.  There are so many benefits from exercise, but one that is often forgotten is to have fun!  With so much focus on our diet and losing weight, sometimes we forget that exercise is not just about the amount of calories out, but the fun of doing something.  A favorite activity, such as hopscotch or jump rope, can be actively remembered by doing the activity again.  A favorite sport, such as soccer, football, baseball, or lacrosse, can connect us with so many others on a team and in a community.  Rather than focusing on recording our progression through levels of difficulty, such as in gymnastics, martial arts, and swimming, we should allow ourselves time to enjoy our abilities.  Maybe sharing our skills and experiences with others, such as through mentoring and coaching others in yoga and pilates, we can re-learn the excitement for the physical activities we crave.  

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Exercise to have fun!