Let’s Socialize! (Aug 25, 2015)

Let’s Socialize

Promoting the benefits of social networking and healthy relationships.

            Too many times our interactions with others do not promote the results that we desire.  Focusing on the differences, rather than the commonalities that we share with others, ends up causing negative results.  The video attached below is an example of this.  What a different social network we would all have if each of us centered our focus on the commonalities we share with others, rather than our differences.  When we seek to find common ground, we find connections.  Our connectedness is often found in our pursuits and goals, whereas other times simply in our methods.  It is true that there are many ways of doing things.  However, when we share our ideas and experiences, we can increase our awareness of circumstances, discover a larger range of options, and be offered efficient, cost-effective, timely, and qualitative potential outcomes ahead of time.  Wouldn’t that be nice, huh?  Social networking at it’s best leads to endless discoveries within relationships fostered upon common ground.  


Video Reference:

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