Let’s Think Deeply! (April 11, 2016)

Let’s Think Deeply

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          Self investment is essential to healthy life.  No matter what what we want to do in life, no matter who we interact with, & no matter what goals we have, it all means nothing if we do not start first with self investment.  The idea that one must take care of themselves first before being able to take care of others is only part of the concept.  Taking care of others speaks solely to our relationships with others.  We must all take of ourselves physically, nutritionally, socially, & in community with others, as well as within the relationships we hold with those around us.  To lack focus on self investment is to shift one’s focus to that of others.  

          Our goals in life should not be assigned to us, but rather chosen.  Choosing our goals allows for us to have ownership of all of our decisions.  This is true in regards to our physical & nutritional health.  This is demonstrated by the healthy boundaries that we communicate within our personal & professional relationships.  This is illustrated by our social interactions, as well as our individual & group involvement in the community.  This is why our goals reflect what we value as important to ourselves within all areas that affect our lives.  

          The methods that each of us use to invest in ourselves differ greatly.  This is appropriate & necessary, since each of us have different personal needs & importance that we assign to those needs according our our own values.  Our personalized goals should provide for our continuous learning, growth, & development.  This personalization is what motivates & leads us to become self empowered to reach our goals.  

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