Let’s Get Moving! (Aug 11, 2015)

Let’s Get Moving

Promoting increased physical exercise.

           We all benefit from increasing our daily physical exercise.  Exercise improves our metabolism, our mood, our spirit, and our connectedness to the environment.  Of course, exercise helps us to maintain a healthy weight, too.  There are so many benefits from exercise, but one that is often forgotten is to have fun!  With so much focus on our diet and losing weight, sometimes we forget that exercise is not just about the amount of calories out, but the fun of doing something.  A favorite activity, such as hopscotch or jump rope, can be actively remembered by doing the activity again.  A favorite sport, such as soccer, football, baseball, or lacrosse, can connect us with so many others on a team and in a community.  Rather than focusing on recording our progression through levels of difficulty, such as in gymnastics, martial arts, and swimming, we should allow ourselves time to enjoy our abilities.  Maybe sharing our skills and experiences with others, such as through mentoring and coaching others in yoga and pilates, we can re-learn the excitement for the physical activities we crave.  

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Exercise to have fun!