Let’s Eat Well! (Aug 14, 2015)

Let’s Eat Well

Promoting healthy dietary choices.

           With so many healthy food options out there and so much information on the benefits of healthy eating, why not consider learning a new healthy food fact every day?  When it comes to our other activities, we are constantly learning.  What work each of us does requires that we learn from each day to the next.  Relationships require that we learn from the past.  Why not apply the same concept to making healthy food choices every day?  Whether it is at the food market, at the grocery store, in our garden, in our kitchen, or online during our leisure time, I challenge everyone to learn about healthy food choices.  What beneficial nutritional experiences have you tried?  What has worked in the past to promote healthy eating?  What are you doing now that is healthy?  What are you planning for today, tomorrow, & for your future healthy nutrition plans?  If we all spent as much time preparing our food choices with the intent of achieving healthy results, what a difference all our lives would be.  

I love pictures like the one attached below.  I find it helpful to review the benefits of vegetables and fruits, before grocery shopping or preparing the next meal.  For my family and I, this seems to lead to more salads and fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet for the next meal and sometimes several days in a row.  With so many different options, combinations, recipes, and preparations, there must be a way for each one of us to find healthy foods that we can have fun finding, making, preparing, serving, & sharing.  

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