Let’s Think Deeply! (Aug 21, 2015)

Let’s Think Deeply

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            Are you happy with what you are doing with your life?  Sometimes we consider what is convenient and comfortable over what we really want to be doing.  Each one of us has something to offer.  We have skills and motivation that may not be used.  We have experience and knowledge that goes untapped.  We have passionate drive that has not been unleashed.  We can lose ourselves in the business of life if we do not choose to think about what we really like to do and what we really want out of each day.  What is your center?  Have you thought about that recently?  Do you periodically and purposefully evaluate your own individualized plan?  If you haven’t consciously thought about this in awhile, do you find that your focus has shifted to the plans of others over yours?  

For some of us, we have interests or abilities that we search for areas to use our talents productively.  For some of us, we are born with gifts that are meant to be shared.  We might be good with children or people, with numbers or money, with writing or creating, with organizing or leading.   Whatever each of us has to offer, it is our responsibility to actively choose to do what makes us happy, fulfills our passion, and motivates us to yearn for the next day.  What does tomorrow hold for you?  


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