Let’s Eat Well! (January 29, 2016)

Let’s Eat Well

Promoting healthy dietary choices.

           Each day we are all bombarded by recommendations for healthy eating choices.  We are told what we should eat, when we should eat, how we should eat, & even where we should eat.  Every day there are messages sent to us through the news, our television programming, on social media, & even the radio about what is or is not healthy eating.  We have advertised suggestions provided to us for everything from which food labels are safe, where to find the best food prep instructions, & what other activities combined together with our food choices will make us healthy.  Sometimes the advice we receive even comes as a package deal, with someone else making a majority of the healthy food choices & another person serving as a fitness coach.  

          No matter what choices we make for healthy living, the choices need to be tailored to our own needs.  Our genetic makeup is not our only difference, but rather we also have differing activity levels & routines, which change often.  The function of our bodies varies significantly, too, as certain foods are better tolerated or enjoyed by some compared to others.  The availability of food choices certainly warrants consideration as well.  Needless to say, the number of available healthy food choices is just as numerous as the amount of variables influencing our decisions.

          Sometimes it may be easier to have a simple & concise healthy eating recommendation to provide to many people, than it is to assist someone in their efforts to ensure that they are getting the proper nutrition.  With all the healthy lifestyle coaches, nutritionists, dieticians, & health professionals who specialize in optimizing our bodies’ ability to absorb the nutrients that we need, we should each consider what our own needs are in order to make healthy dietary choices.   Whether one person prefers using a coach, one person recommends using a book, or one person tries out a phone app is irrelevant, since they goal is figure out how you can make healthy choices for yourself.  So, how do you promote success in your dietary choices to be healthy?

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