Let’s Get Moving! (January 12, 2016)

Let’s Get Moving!

Promoting increased physical exercise.

           Throughout life each of us has times that we engage in exercise goals.  Some of us are able to commit to having our lifestyle include exercise regularly.  Some of us don’t necessarily choose to include exercise into the lifestyle of our own making.  Each person’s definition of regular varies as well.  What many people focus on is their interest in a proposed exercise routine or the advertised results of a exercise program, or even the number on the scale that they hope to achieve with all their exercise efforts.  That is where many people stray from their own exercise goals & struggle with the commitment to include exercise into their lifestyle. 

          Consider how you time manage to achieve your goals for work, for socializing with others, & for accomplishing projects that you decide need to be done.  Now consider how you could time manage more physical activity into your daily & weekly routine.  I am always amazed at people who are able to multi-task their exercise into daily habits, such as biking to work.  I am amazed at this, since I have not been in areas that would provide for this opportunity.  Have you looked at what opportunities are available to you though?  Have you tried some of those & had any success, even a little?  Could you try it again?  

          Adding several short bursts of exercise throughout our days & weeks on a regular basis is an easy way of incorporating exercise into our lifestyle.  Success is a measure determined by the person.  Each of us not only decides our own goals, but how to measure those goals.  If you’re struggling to achieve your own goals, think about ways that you can measure your contributions toward those goals.  Some ideas include keeping a record & scheduling the activity.  Keeping a record could be writing down what you did during your exercise routine, the distance that you went, the  repetitions or sets or weights that you achieved, or even the number of times that you did the activity on your calendar that week.  Scheduling the activity could be putting it on your calendar, signing up for a recurring activity at a location, or coordinating the activity to occur with others.  

          The bottom line is not always the number represented on the scale, but our satisfaction with the pursuit of including physical routines into our chosen lifestyle.  So, if you like walking then walk.  If you like swimming then do it.  If you really want to bike to work, or something else, decide how you can try including it into your routine.  Deciding how to get moving is important in order to keep moving! Now, how are you planning to get moving within your lifestyle?  


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