Let’s Get Moving! (February 17, 2016)

Let’s Get Moving!

Promoting increased physical exercise.

           Have you ever thought about how music gets you moving?  How music affects your life and influences your mood?  How it motivates you?  For some people music is a part of why they get moving.  Listening to music in order to get yourself moving is a great way to associate physical exercise with activities that you like to do.  

          This has long been true for me, since I enjoy to work out to music.  The regular beat of the music allows for me to generate a consistent rhythm to my workout.  This is especially true for me when I jog, but also for other types of workouts such as kickboxing, lifting weights, rowing, biking, and doing the nordic track.  Depending on my workout goals, I have used music to maintain a consistent stride, to slow down my pace, and to push my limits.  I have used the combination of music and physical exercise to destress.  Music also helps me to focus on the physical activity that I am performing, such as with yoga or pilates.  I like to use music to get moving, but also to promote relaxation after my workout is done.  

          How do you use music in your life?  Does it get you moving?  Are there more ways that you could incorporate music into your workout?  Are there activities that you would like better if you added music?  Can you think of some ways that music could better motivate you, better maintain your physical exercise, and better focus your efforts on getting yourself moving?    

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