Let’s Be Active! (February 24, 2016)

Let’s Be Active

Promoting increased involvement within one’s family or community.

           How active are you?  Whether we are active as individuals, as family members, or as part of our communities, the idea is that we are active in something that interests us.  What interests you, your family, or your community?  

          There are so many ways for all of us to be active.  As an individual, many of us choose to be active in things that are related to our primary relationship roles, such as a being a spouse or a parent.  Being part of a mom’s group, ladies’ group, or spouse’s group are examples of how we as individuals can be active & support our connection with others.  However, we also often choose to be active in things such as organized causes or movements, that are not related to our relationships with others.  Contributing to causes or movements that advocate for the end of poverty, the education of children, or the protection of domestic violence victims are examples of how as individuals we can be active in supporting the rights of others.  

          As a family member, many of us choose to be active in things that foster healthy relationships between our family members.  For some families, this could be as simple as having regular game nights at home, but it could also be vacationing together or completing a marathon together, for example.  Activities such as these differ from activities that families choose to be active in together for the purpose of supporting others.  As a family member, we also choose to be active in things like welcoming someone to the neighborhood by inviting them over for dinner or helping a friend or loved one to complete a remodel, for example.  Although many activities are certainly not exclusive to either individuals or families, the experiences from participating in the activities may be vastly different as an individual or family member.  

          As a community member, there are many ways to choose to be active.  The results & experiences from our being active certainly depend on where we choose to be active, such as in our neighborhood, locally, regionally, nationally, &/or globally.  There are some causes & movements that provide this diversified experience, depending on how active people want to be in their participation.  However we define our community, choosing to be active in our community not only provides the individual &/or family with experiences, but provides for community support.  Therefore, how active we choose to be determines the amount of support we provide to our community.  

          So, how active are you now & how active do you want to be?  Are there things that you would like to be more active in as an individual, as a family, or as a community member?  What are you interested in being active in & what amount of support to yourself, to your family, & to others do you hope that you being active causes?  If you are not as active as an individual, family, or community member, then choose to be active in something that interests you, your family, or your community.  

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