Let’s Socialize! (April 12, 2017)

Let’s Socialize

Promoting the benefits of social networking and healthy relationships.

            I think it is really great when we are going on with our normal day and then we stop to take the time to talk with someone who shares something with us.  Sometimes that little something gives us the chance to reflect on experiences that we have recently had.  Maybe we learn something from our ability to reflect.  Other times that little something provides us with validation that someone else has gone through something similar to what we have gone through and had a similar result.  This helps us to be know that we are not alone in our experiences and that we can learn from each other.  Maybe we feel reassured that our situation will also turn out okay.  

          Recently I had something shared with me that was inspiring and motivating enough that I wasn’t just excited, but it even caused me to take action to make changes and to decide to share the same information with others. It is truly great to have experiences in our lives where we are able to really connect with others about an idea, an experience, or things that we are passionate about.  This is something that each of us searches for on an ongoing basis.  

          If we are not finding connections and developing relationships with others, then we are not able to share our ideas, experiences, and passions. As human beings, we all need some level of connectedness with others.  It is up to each of us to understand what amount or level of connectedness that we need.  When we are not feeling understood, when we don’t feel like we can relate, or we feel that no one truly “get’s us,” we need to take a step back and decide what it is that is important to us and what type of connection to others are we seeking to share.  Since we are responsible for our own happiness, we need to understand what type of connection that we seek to make us happy. What types of connections do you seek?