Let’s Be Active! (August 31, 2017)

Let’s Be Active

Promoting increased involvement within one’s family or community.

           I have recently decided that one of my personal goals is to become active in my community in a way that requires more personal accountability.  Becoming active in one’s community is a great way to foster one’s connectedness to the world around oneself.  There are just as many ways to become active as there are people in your community.  How one determines to become active in one’s community centers upon one’s relationships connecting them to the community, as well as their interests.  

          My initial personal goal, upon moving to a new area, was to establish relationships while becoming active in ways that had goals already predetermined by others.  In the process of settling into the new area, I discovered an opportunity to become more active in alignment with a passionate interest of mine.  The sharing of my idea with others has been met with great enthusiasm due to the potential to foster improvement of a recognized need.  Although I am still actively working on predetermined goals with others, I have already experienced a deeper community connectedness with my added venture being added to the mix.  

          If you are not already trying to be active in your community, I would challenge you to ask yourself what is holding you back?   Fostering the development of healthy relationships, while seeking to enrich one’s experience with others as a community, are both beneficial health promotional efforts in the pursuit of whole person wellness.  I have learned that to thrive in my own community, I must challenge myself not to remain comfortable.  Have you considered the potential benefits for you, in challenging yourself to always be learning while in the service of others and to force yourself to be uncomfortable?