Promoting health in all aspects of our lives allows for

better success at achieving optimal health.

repeatedly do

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  1. Love your quote…I truly think we as an entity need to practice what we preach. Through reminders and repeated actions that promote healthy behaviors will we promote a better environment and positive outlook for the future generations.

  2. I agree. It really comes down to our behavior. Do it. Then do it again. Repeat until we get the health result desired. Whether with exercise, nutrition, building our social network of relationships, improving our spirituality, or being more active in our role within our families or within our communities. We need to act. Do it.

  3. You hit the nail on the head. Words meant for action, without action, words are just a bunch of letters that may include symbols. The phrases can sometimes have insignificant meaning.

  4. I agree! Our entire life experience shapes who we are within and without. Wellness is, or at least should be, about the whole person and not solely the physical matter. Aristotle’s quote and this website clearly support that message. I think this is a wonderful message to perpetuate and your blog does so very well. Thanks!!

  5. How we physically interact, fuel our bodies, socially relate to others, emotionally & spiritually relate, and involve ourselves within our chosen roles (personally, professionally, in relationships, in families, or within our communities) influences our health. This is due to each element affecting our health, since each elemental effect contributes to the whole-person experience. Difficulty in one or more of the elements can certainly disallow whole-person health. This is why all elements warrant consideration in order to maximize our health. We are the sum of all of our experiences is an excellent way of describing this concept. Thank your for sharing! That is what this blog is all about.

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Our health promotion ideas focus on whole person wellness. Including all aspects of our lives, within our health promotion efforts, allows for better success at achieving optimal health. We encourage everyone to Get Moving, Eat Well, Socialize, Think Deeply, and Be Active. All of our decisions influence our body, mind, and spirit. Life goals differ for everyone. Our blog provides information to assist others in their pursuit of whole person wellness.